Increasing financial literacy of migrants

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Financial education studies show that many migrants are not well prepared to make important financial decisions, who have specialized financial needs related to remittances, financial decisions, financial management, etc. Migrants are willing to seek further information to help make financial decisions. 

Better access to and use of basic financial services seems to be an area where improvement is needed and the levels of financial education they report are influenced by levels of education.

INFINITY seeks not only to develop the migrants financial literacy skills but to develop a state of the art educational material including elements of entrepreneurship, soft skills and sustainability in order to increase self-employment and ensure that that migrants become productive members that contribute to society and thus promote the welfare and growth of the area they live in.

Work Packages

Work Package 1

Project& Managment

This work package is to monitor the progress, quality and achievement of the project’s outputs and outcomes.

Work Package 2

INFINITY's Competences Framework for& developing migrants financial literacy skills

A competency framework is being developed in WP2 to evaluate, maintain, and monitor the financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and soft skills of migrants.

Work Package 3

Innovative training curricula & material for migrants and piloting activities

WP3 aims to create a training program for migrants aged 18 and above to improve their financial, soft and entrepreneurial skills.

Work Package 4

INFINITY e-learning platform and digital board game

The objective of WP4 is to improve sustainability, transferability, and accessibility of the project by developing an interactive e-learning platform.

Work Package 5

INFINITY Toolkit for teachers and educators

WP5 aims to ensure the availability and sustainability of the project's results, promote multi-agency collaboration and increase the capacity of VET institutions


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